Introducing Sconnie Squirrel

I wanted you to be the first to know about some exciting changes to Amy Kant Designs. As of January 1, 2023, we are officially Sconnie Squirrel Designs!

Why the change?

I have wanted to rebrand the business for quite some time. When I started Amy Kant Designs in 2008, I didn’t have any type of business plan, solid product/services list or long term goals. I just wanted to sell handmade items at some local craft fairs and on Etsy. 

As the years passed by, I expanded my service offerings to include graphic design, website design and content creation. My handmade goods evolved from greeting cards and other ephemera-based items to fiber arts, apparel, ornaments and home decor.

I’m sure that if I dug around on my old hard drives, I would find no less than 10 different logos/brand identity packages that I’ve used over the years. And oooh boy, would some of them make me cringe now.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 15 years as a small business owner — it’s that you need to work smarter — not harder.  

In Q3/Q4 of 2022, we expanded our product capabilities with a CO2 laser and scaled back our services offerings to focus solely on supporting female entrepreneurs. 

The holiday season was such a success (thanks in part to amazing customers and clients like yourself) that we are already adding a second laser to our studio that will further expand our product capabilities. Due to the success of our holiday designs and the expansion of our product lines, my husband Paul has officially joined the team — so we’re no longer a solo shop. Calling the business Amy Kant Designs just didn’t feel “right” anymore.

Why Sconnie Squirrel?

Most people who know me well know I love Wisconsin and I love squirrels. In fact, I have a collection of both products with the Wisconsin state silhouette AND you would probably laugh if you saw just how many squirrels there are in my home. Sconnie Squirrel just feels right. We’re a little bit nutty, and 100% midwestern born and raised. The name is also a nod to two of our most popular product lines — state/country silhouettes and cute little critters.

What can we expect?

We have already started the transition behind-the-scenes (new LLC and a bunch of new boring business paperwork), and you’ll start to see our new brand identity (and website) roll out in the coming months. As not to be wasteful, we will be using up our remaining printed materials (business cards, apparel care cards, etc.), but our colors and signature buffalo plaid will remain. We are working with an amazing artist on a new logo and I CANNOT WAIT to share it with all of you.

We’re also working to streamline our product lines even more. And, I’m excited to also be adding one new female entrepreneur to our services client portfolio. We’re working on updating all of our links and social media accounts as well. I’ll share those as they come.

Thank you so much for being part of this journey. We couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Cheers to 2023,



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